5 Incredible Business Lessons You Can Learn from Holi

5 Incredible Business Lessons from Holi

One of the major festivals of India, Holi is celebrated every year with the onset of spring to commemorate the triumph of good over evil. It is celebrated with full enthusiasm in various regions where people of any religion, creed, and caste greet each other and share their love with sweets (Gujiya). With great joy, people smear colors on each other, spray colorful water, and toss color-dipped water balloons.

It is the Happiest (H) Occasion (O) of Love (L) and Interaction (I) that not only brings the pleasure of natural colors to life but also some important lessons that can help you manage business better with the commencement of the new financial year.

Burn Old Attitude

Holi is a two-day festival, Holika-Dahan and Dhulhandi. On Holika-Dahan, people assemble around bonfires to commemorate the way Holika sat on fire with the mindset to deceive her nephew and didn’t give any second thought to her decision. Her unidirectional and self-centered step took her own life marking the defeat of evil.

Holika-Dahan is about letting go of outdated mindsets that have been ingrained in us for a long time. It is important to give a new angle to your business, talk about the changes that you can bring to enhance the culture and environment of your place so that you can take your business to the next level.  

Enjoy Diversity

The festival of Holi brings all the shades of Gulaal together to celebrate the arrival of spring, hence fertility. Smearing and splashing all sorts of colors on each other is something that makes this festival more special. Holi won’t be the same if it would have been monotonous or a festival with no color!

Therefore, we should embrace diversity, whether it is regarding employees or products in your business so that you have a larger reach to bring assets. It can optimize the return and reduce the risk of failure.

Although, it might happen that you are not ready to introduce a new product or are unable to come up with a new idea. Look for different strategies to increase the awareness and value of the product that you are having. 

Embrace Achievements

People serve festival delicacies like Gujiya, phirnis, and Thandai to start the new season. This makes you feel good about yourself and the community you’re in. This also helps create a hopeful future by building an environment of love and trust.

Often while focusing on long-term goals, we forget to embrace small achievements that are stepping stones to success. You must consider its importance. Celebrating these small successes can help you share love, create bonds and generate new links that are hard to create.

Spend Time with Stakeholders

Festivals provide an opportunity for us to reconnect with family and friends and spend quality time with loved ones. It reconnects the bond and spreads good vibes that are essential in building a community and creating a positive environment.  

It’s prudent to follow the same when it comes to your partners and investors so that you can connect with them, understand their strategies and come up with the ideas to enhance growth. It creates a bond of trust, mutual benefit, and long-term success.   

Avoid Over-enthusiasm

The festival of Holi is all about celebrating a good time using natural colors. But some people may apply chemically strong colors, which can be difficult to remove for a while or sometimes create allergic reactions. Therefore, it is essential to enjoy the occasions with care.

The joy of success should not take you to the level where you begin taking harsh decisions in your business. All the love, connection, and bond you have made while building up your business can go in vain with your over-enthusiastic approach. You must remain conscious and think twice before making any decision.

How to Execute?

To build a successful business you need to create a healthy environment and for that, you need to invest the time in your core services. There are several things for which you need to remain available and make instant decisions. So, taking charge of everything on your shoulder can be burdensome. It is important to find reliable partners that can take care of your market presence and manage all your logistic needs. 

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Play Safe, Stay Safe!

Holi hai!