ANS Commerce Accomplishes ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certification

ANS Commerce, the leading one-stop e-commerce enabler is excited to be officially certified for ISO/IEC 27001:2013 (ISO 27001), the international standard indicating the management, operation, and maintenance of the information assets and information systems. In simple words, we have been certified with a worldwide reputed standard, which states that our offerings meet your expectations with excellence for an Information Security Management System. 

The certificate outlines full-stack end-to-end e-commerce consulting, solutions, and services.


Following these standards, we will assist our brand partners to sell on both their brandstore and marketplace while helping them securely navigate the dynamic environment of e-commerce. Also, the road to this certification wouldn’t have been without the close involvement of all our employees. Not only do they actively strategize their tasks and duties, but also work within the framework of ISO 27001.

ANS Commerce is following the security management system that enables its customers to indulge themselves in e-commerce performance marketing, marketplace management, warehouse, and fulfillment services safely. 

What is ISO 27001:2013?
Having been first issued in September 2013, ISO 27001 is entitled to an information security management system (ISMS). It is a framework of process, which considers all sorts of legal, technical, and ethical benchmarks while managing a verified approach to information security in a company’s information management system.

About ANS Commerce
ANS Commerce is India’s #1 full-stack enabler helping brands sell online. We offer brandstore tech, performance marketing, marketplace management, and e-commerce warehousing & fulfillment. We want our brand partners to focus on their brand and product and leave ‘all-things-e-commerce’ to us. We are currently working with 90+ established & challenger brands across segments helping them sell on their brandstores along with 15+ marketplaces.