Is Social Commerce the Future of E-commerce?

Is Social Commerce the future of E-commerce?

The digital transformation has paved new ways for E-commerce businesses to boost sales with Social media platforms. With a genuine feeling of community and connection, it has integrated purchasing and selling opportunities to help executives generate revenue. 

“Communication is at the heart of e-commerce and community”

– Meg Whitman, Hewlett-Packard CEO

What better way to communicate with your customers than Social media platforms? All you need to do is understand what Social Commerce is and how your business can get benefitted? 

What is Social Commerce?

The purchasing and selling of products or services directly within a social media platform is known as social commerce. It includes everything from product discovery to the checkout process- your entire shopping experience.

According to The State of Social Media Investment Report, 77% of customers are likely to pick a business that has a great social media experience. Furthermore, executives largely believe that social commerce is driving a growing share of their company’s marketing-driven income. So, don’t let your company get left behind in the next digital transformation wave.

What distinguishes Social Commerce from E-commerce?

An online purchasing experience is referred to as e-commerce. However, social commerce allows customers to make purchases while interacting on social media. To create your sales prospect list, social selling entails establishing relationships on social media.

Today, mobile devices account for more than half of all the internet traffic and the researches show that mobile users leave carts at a considerably greater rate than desktop users. So, streamlining your checkout experience is critical as shoppers shift to tiny screens for routine transactions.

This is where the concept of social trade enters the picture. It eliminates the potential for abandoned transactions by eliminating drop-off places.

Importance of Social Commerce

Many people are unsure if social e-commerce would benefit their company. In fact, from growing revenue to improving customer interaction and website traffic, it offers a myriad of business advantages for your company. Let’s discuss a few-

Makes Purchase Frictionless

The customer journey is made easier by social media stores, which reduces friction in the process from discovery to purchase. Look at it, click on it and buy it.

At the end of the day, every mouse click is an opportunity for potential consumer to alter their mind. If consumers have to click from your ad to your website, add the product to their basket, and then enter their payment card information, that’s a lot of time for them to lose interest.

Remove the processes that aren’t essential and bring shopping to them.

Offers Shopping along with Socialization

Unlike a conventional e-commerce binge, shopping on social media is a far more participatory affair. Consumers can simply consult with their friends before making purchases; flaunt their new high-tops, drop comments, read remarks and get engaged with other consumers as well.

Social commerce is the next best thing for people who miss the social side of a day at the mall.

Refines Target Audience

With so much client data available on social media, you have a fantastic chance to fine-tune and focus your advertising. In a manner that traditional e-commerce and marketing cannot, social commerce allows you to bring particular, ready-to-buy items in front of the exact individuals who would adore them.

Your exquisite furniture can be promoted directly to the ones who are in search of them. Cool young parents may blast adorable baby-sized clothes straight to their feeds.

Boosts Reviews and Recommendations

If your company is new to selling online, your social media profiles are a great way to start building that all-important social proof. Your customers won’t be able to test or try on your merchandise if they shop online. Reviews can help you make an informed buying decision.

Using social media to manage your end-to-end customer experience provides a positive feedback loop that affects your bottom line, as it draws new followers into your funnel.

Enhances Authentic Engagement

One of the most important advantages of social commerce is increased engagement. People are encouraged to connect with businesses through two-way dialogue through social commerce. This not only allows consumers to interact with your company but also allows them to utilise social media as an effective customer care channel where problems may be resolved.

People that interact with a firm regularly are more inclined to suggest it.

Social Commerce Platforms

Facebook and Instagram are the two major platforms that have incorporated social commerce capabilities so far. Pinterest is also participating well, leading consumers to product-specific pages, while both Youtube and TikTok are experimenting with “shop now” buttons. Twitter is also experimenting with a new card style that includes a big “Shop” button.

Try exploring these platforms, if you want to stay ahead of the game.

Facebook Shops

Facebook’s social commerce offers a very low entrance barrier. Shops are completely free to create and are hosted on your Facebook business profile. To encourage organic brand discovery, the Facebook Shop tab on the platform’s mobile app displays goods based on user preferences.

You can immediately sync your whole inventory list in seconds if your e-commerce solution is enabled as a partner platform. If not, a spreadsheet can be used to upload product information.

Instagram Shops

Instagram Shopping is linked straight to your Facebook Shop. Users must link their Instagram business account to their Facebook business profile to create a shop. Users can then upload an existing product catalogue or build a new one after that.

Because of its visual character, Instagram provides additional opportunities for innovative social commerce marketing. Shoppable posts and Stories that link straight to in-app product pages can help brands generate attention. Purchases are made within the app or on your website, just like on Facebook.

How ANS Commerce can help?

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