Want to Turn Prospects into Sales? Create an Engaging FAQ Page!

FAQ section is considered as customer support by many people but if used correctly it can prove to be a pro to your website. It serves several functions, such as  

  •         Quick information about the business, products and services
  •         Publicly answer questions to delight people and build customer trust
  •         Enhance brand values and elevate purchasing ease
  •         Actively support customer queries and prevent complaints
  •         Helps make decisions and improve shopping experience

As people today like to resolve most of the queries themselves, a relevant FAQ page can convince your customers and sales.

Many Business owners considering FAQ Page irrelevant tend to lose customers and sales.

What does FAQ imply?

FAQ are the frequently asked questions that are common to customers. They are the quick response displayed on the web page that allows visitors to communicate and decide whether they want to proceed with your services or not. It is the best way to save time and effort which pleases customers while they troubleshoot problems. FAQ serves as the first page of a contract for service before customers reach the owner directly.

Most businesses confuse the FAQ page with the About Us page and lose billions due to lack of interaction.

How to create an engaging FAQ page?

Whether old or new, the customer’s anxiety of dealing online is catered well if your page is specific and crafted well with right questions and answers. Here are a few tips to create an engaging FAQ page.

Make your FAQs easily navigable

Don’t hide or complicate your page. People know what FAQ means and are looking to get a quick answer rather than making a call and wasting time. So instead of writing a whole lot of messages just write “How can we help?” or “More Info” and place it in the navigation menu or the website footer to reassure your prospect. Consider it as an opportunity to educate and engage your customers.

Quick Tip – FAQ are the section of answers to the questions that a customer asks while placing an order or taking a service. So the answers should be direct and to the point. 

Enlist common questions

Think about your business and the demographic that you target. Enlist the question from very basic to advance without skipping any, as sometimes the simplest ones are hard to answer. Learn your companies inside out and the prospect of your potential customers to ease their understanding. Waffling to avoid the answers, shying away or redirecting the customers to another page isn’t going to help.

Divide your page in small sections or categories if they fall under the same group as it will make it easy for the customers to direct themselves.

Jack & Jones has divided the page in various sections to help the customers reach their concerned query. 

Customers unable to find the answers on your website might turn to social media which can lead to misconception and speculations.

Don’t expect lawyers to write your FAQ

FAQ should be as conversational as possible. It should not be dull, boring or controversial but direct, real time and casual to lead the prospect to purchase the product. There may be some questions that you wont like to answer but how you answer is again a key note. Think from the side of the customer and spin the bottle in a way that you don’t lose them instead give more of what they need.  

Quick Tip – You can also check the website of your competitors, or forums like Reddit or Quora to refer to the types of questions and answers in your niche. 

Avoid jargon and include ‘Call To Action’

Simple and definitive words are more convincing, so instead of writing wishy washy use Yes/No. Further get a clue from the question about what your customers want to do and provide them the link to do so. Don’t leave your customers to a dead end and let hunt services themselves instead be the part of their decision and assist them.  

For example,

Q. Do you charge for a demo?

A. No, the request for a demo (link) is absolutely free.

Enhance with some creativity

It is true when it is said, “Action speaks louder than words”. Sometimes it is hard to explain in words what you want to tell or explain to others. You can go creative in such a case. You can include either audio or video or some images to direct your customers. A few funny yet professional questions also engage customers to business.

Many companies like Bath and Body Works, incorporate video to make it easy for customers to follow. 

Report shows that 80% of customers stop business with companies having poor customer support service.  

(Source: HubSpot Research)

Templates for FAQ

There is no universal template when it comes to FAQ but there is a common pattern of writing this page in the form of Question and Answers. 

Varstrado, follow a simple pattern of answers below every question that users can easily explore to clear their doubt.

Many websites present their answers in the form of a dropdown as well. By clicking the question or any particular sign (such as arrow or plus) one can get the answers. 

Vero Moda has aesthetically used a clean design to present its FAQ to provide a seamless user experience. 

Typing the question on the search bar above is yet another way to get the answer in FAQ on some websites. 

Some sites also link a new page with each question in order to enhance the SEO along with query solutions.

Create your Own FAQ Page

Here are some common ecommerce questions that you can make you start with your FAQ page today –  

  • When will my product get delivered?
  • What to do if I have not received a damaged product?
  • What to do if I have not received my order?
  • How to replace the order I have made?
  • What is your return policy?
  • What are the shipment options?
  • Why do I have to pay extra tax?
  • How can I reach you if my queries are not cleared?
  • How safe are my details with you?

Now you need to dig more about the featured products, brand promises,account management and usage of the products. 

Don’t overlook your FAQ page, instead keep it updated with new queries that are frequent.  

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The FAQ page can add a lot of value to your website if used strategically. It can not only reduce the burden of your customer support but also enhance the purchase anxiety of the customer. So incorporate it as a part of your website rather than the aftermath.