Wish to Grow your E-commerce? Learn How to get an Amazon Best Seller Badge!

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It sounds great to hear ‘Best Seller’ but is it easy to become one? Amazon, the world’s largest store for e-commerce, sells 50 million unique products in India and this success is due to the vast network of its sellers. 

Currently, more than five lakh Indian sellers constitute the third-party network of Amazon.

(Source: Economic Times)

With these many sellers and their numerous products, there is a lot of competition to get the products purchased on this platform. People do not have time to scroll through hundreds of products to purchase one. They view the top-ranking products and purchase them if they like, else they go to other platforms. To hook the audience, Amazon, like other platforms, keeps customer satisfaction at priority and ranks the products to give quick and effective results. 

What does the Amazon Best Seller Badge Mean? 

There are many features on Amazon that help sellers showcase their products and place them among the top-selling items. One of the finest and latest among all is the “Best Seller Badge”. In general, it is the tag that represents people’s choices and sale density.  

You must have seen an orange colour badge on the top left side of the product that spells “Best Seller”. 

The A9 algorithm of Amazon aligns the products according to their rank depending on the number of times they get purchased. The ones that are most purchased stand on top and get the best seller badge.

Thus, to make the product stand out of the hundred a seller needs to increase the sale velocity which can rank the product high.

Facts Behind the BSR of the Product on Amazon

Even if you have got the badge, you need not remain idle with just that. There are some facts behind the BSR (Best Seller Rank) of the products on Amazon. Some of them are as follows-

  • You receive the best seller badge only for that specific category in which you have sold the most. It means that if Samsung has received a badge for its oven, that doesn’t mean that it will have the badge for air conditioning or any other category as well.
  • Several products in a single category can have the best seller badge depending on the number of sales. It means that, if there are multiple products in the same category with high sales volume, then they will all receive the badge. So, the badge is not product-specific.
  • The badge gets updated every hour. So the product that had the best seller badge an hour ago might not have it now. This means that 24 times a day the seller is at risk of losing the badge. 
  • The ranking of the product on both Indian and global sites might be different. This means that a product ranking #1 on Amazon.in can rank #100 on Amazon.com.
  • Amazon has placed the tag “Best Seller” as the navigation category on its website. This has made it easy for the customers to directly look into the bestseller deals but has also made it more valuable for the sellers to enter the club to increase sales.    

Importance of Amazon Best Seller Badge

If you are a seller on Amazon, you must know the advantages of this feature.  

The feature places the products with the badge on the top of any category or subcategory that consumer searches for, making it the first recommendation. And when Amazon’s algorithm itself is recommending your products, your sales will automatically go up.  

Even when the consumers are looking for different products with irrelevant keywords in the same category, the product with the best seller badge will reflect, boosting the sales again.  

COPA for Amazon’s Best Seller Badge

By now, you must be aware of the importance of the badge and the reason behind the competition that is rising to acquire it. This is not the time to lose hope but the time for determination. It might sound difficult but remember, nothing is impossible. The only thing you  need to remember is, 

higher the rank, easier the sale, and quicker the badge

Now follow simple steps to get quick results


You need to be very precise while categorizing your product. Random or irrelevant placement of your product can take you away from your target audience. So, jot down the features of your products and then specify them under the appropriate category. 

For example: if you are selling a mouse, you need to go on

Electronics > Computer > Accessories > Mouse > Wired/Wireless


Before showcasing the product live on Amazon, it is important to do an extensive keyword search. You can use Amazon itself for a few suggestions, for example, for selling a mouse you can simply type on the search bar and check for the keywords, or can also use a keyword planner for the same. There are also several other tools that you can opt for to make your search more relevant. Add these keywords to your product title and description as they get tracked by Amazon’s search engine.  

The image also plays a crucial role, so choosing a high-quality image is also important.

Quick Tip – The keywords should be placed according to their relevance and must not be repeated. They must not be placed with a comma or space between the keywords.


Competitive pricing plays a pivotal role in increasing your sales in any market. You need not go for the lowest price to sell your product but must keep your range acceptable. Because if your competitor is selling the same product at a lower price, there is a great chance that you might lose your audience. And still, if you are charging high, you must list your reasons to make it clear for your customers to understand the high pricing.   

You need to stay profitable yet marginal to gain traction.  


One of the most acceptable ways to boost the rank of your product is to promote it with Amazon PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Campaign. Promotion helps sellers bring their product to the sight of consumers quite often, thus increasing sales drastically. 

Quick Tip – Competition on the Amazon SERP (Search Engine Result Page) will only grow, so rather than falling behind, it’s time to participate in the competition.

Hurdles to the Path of Best Seller Badge 

  • There are different categories and subcategories, some small and others large. So the time and effort taken by you to get the badge might vary depending on the density of the category where your product falls. 
  • When it comes to purchasing, people do not invest much time. Further, Amazon’s first page has so many products that people do not bear to go to the second page. So if your product does not land on the first page of the result then your customers might not reach you for your product.  
  • Sellers might lose their badge even after an hour and might not gain it again for a while if they are not constantly working for it. Keeping a loop with campaigns and offering discounts often works to regain the badge. 

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