17 Best Abandoned Cart Email Examples With Key Takeaways (+Free Templates)

17 Best Abandoned Cart Email Examples With Key Takeaways

The world of e-commerce is growing fiercely every year. In fact, according to Statista, the value of the Indian e-commerce industry is 74.8 billion US dollars. And it’s forecast to reach 350 billion US dollars by 2030. 

The reason behind these growing numbers is simple— consumers love the ease of e-commerce shopping while sitting in pajamas, in the comfort of their homes. 

And thanks to all the no-code tools, building an e-commerce store has become as easy as buying from it. But here’s the thing— while it looks all rainbows and unicorns from the outside, it’s actually challenging to run and grow an e-commerce business.

One of the challenges that could lead to the downfall of any e-commerce store is the high cart abandonment rate.

Nearly 70% of people abandon their carts while shopping online. This means a whopping 7 out of 10 people will add something to their carts and will exit without buying them. 

Fortunately, cart abandonment does not have to spell the end of your sales. By implementing an effective shopping cart recovery email strategy, you can potentially bring back a significant percentage of abandoned carts (10% or more), without any additional effort beyond the initial setup.

Abandoned cart email stats

And in this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about setting up a full-proof abandoned cart recovery strategy. 

But first, let’s understand the basics. 

What is an Abandoned Cart Email?

An abandoned cart email is a follow-up email e-commerce businesses send to the people who abandoned the cart. This email is for 7 out of 10 shoppers who didn’t make the purchase. With an abandoned cart email strategy in place, businesses can recover around 10% of the lost revenue. 

Abandoned cart emails remind customers of the items left in their cart and encourage them to complete the purchase. It may include a special limited time offer or promotion to incentivize the customer to return and complete the purchase. 

Alternatively, the email can have the option to order within it so the customer won’t need to return to the website. It makes purchasing easier for customers and increases the chances of conversions. For example, if they choose cash-on-delivery (COD), you can redirect them to a new page, or if they choose a prepaid option, you can take them to the payments page directly. 

Abandoned Cart Email Sequence you Should Follow

Studies suggest a series of emails work a staggering 63% better than just one email for recovery. 

Here’s an abandoned cart workflow that could help you recover the lost buyers-

Abandoned cart email sequence

Email 1: Friendly reminder email 

The first abandoned cart email is sent within 15 to 30 minutes to remind customers of the items they missed buying. To improve the chances of conversion, you can give them the option to purchase within the email. 

Email 2: Urgent follow-up email 

The second followup email is sent as a reminder of the items waiting in the cart. This email is typically sent within 1-2 hours of cart abandonment.

Email 3: Second follow-up email with offer

If the customer still did not make the purchase, you can send a second follow-up email with an offer or incentive within 6-8 hours of cart abandonment. You can also use category promotion as a hook to upsell similar products. 

Email 4: The final attempt email 

The fourth cart abandonment email is your last attempt to make the conversion; usually, by this time, the intent of purchase is very less, so focusing on category or bestseller promotion can be a route you can take while drafting the email. This email is usually sent after  24 hours of abandoning the cart. 

If the customer still does not make the purchase, we recommend not sending any more abandoned cart emails rather adding them to your nurture email sequence list. 

Basic Elements of Abandoned Cart Email

In order to influence the readers to go back to your website and buy the items in the cart, you need to make sure that your email gets opened and is compelling enough. This is where a few elements of high-converting abandoned cart email will help. Let’s discuss these in detail.

Abandoned cart email structure

Abandoned cart email subject line

A subject line is the first impression that you make on your potential customers. After all, it’s the first thing that they read. Therefore, the subject line should be compelling enough for potential buyers to open the email.

To make it irresistible, try using a combination of your store’s name and a friendly reminder. Phrases such as “Look what’s waiting for you” or “Did you forget something?” can be informal and cheerful. On the other hand, you can use a more formal approach with a subject line like “You left products in a cart.” If offering a discount coupon, it’s a good idea to mention it in the subject line to grab customers’ attention. 

Abandoned cart email subject line

Credit: Juicy Chemistry

The text following the subject line, known as the email preview, also plays a role in determining the open rate of your abandoned cart email. To maximize engagement, the preview text should complement the subject line. And the preview and subject lines should not be too similar. Also, using emojis in the subject line can make it stand out in the inbox.

Some examples of abandoned cart email subject lines are-

  • “Don’t miss out on these items in your cart”
  • “Your cart is still waiting for you”
  • “Complete your purchase and save [insert percentage or amount]”
  • “Your dream items are still available”
  • “Don’t let these deals slip away”
  • “Don’t forget about your forgotten items”
  • “Your cart is calling, come back and finish your purchase”
  • “Don’t leave empty-handed, complete your purchase now”
  • “Don’t miss the chance to own these items”
  • “Your cart is lonely, come back and complete your purchase”

It’s important to note that these are only examples, and the best subject line will vary depending on the tone of your business and the products you sell. Also, you should always A/B test your subject lines to see which performs better.

Store’s Logo

Including a brand logo in business emails is an effective way to appear professional and legitimate. Logos also help customers quickly identify the sender of the email. For abandoned cart emails, it is important to include your logo at the top of the email as it serves as a reminder of the purchase the customer almost made in your online store.

Add brand logo in abandoned cart email

Credit: Amazon

Email Copy

Here’s a fact— your email isn’t the only abandoned cart email that your customer is receiving. So to increase the chances of customers clicking the call-to-action button, your copy should be unique and attention-grabbing.

To achieve this, begin by highlighting the value of your abandoned cart email to the customer. This could include a friendly reminder that their cart has been saved for their convenience or an exclusive offer, such as a discount coupon. Creating a sense of urgency by mentioning it’s a limited-time offer can also help increase the chances of the customer taking action.

The key here is to make the copy as conversational as possible. You need to be polite, write like a human, and make it clear and concise. Don’t use jargon or complicated words. Use simple and easy-to-understand words instead.


No customer dislikes a discount, and offering them with a coupon increases the chances of making a purchase. 

But here’s the catch— Some customers may habitually abandon their carts in anticipation of receiving discounts via abandoned cart emails. To prevent this from impacting profits, it’s best to avoid offering excessive discounts, such as those typical of Black Friday deals. A small discount, like 5%, may be sufficient to motivate customers to complete their purchase.

Another powerful strategy here is to add information about the current deals and discounts in your store instead of offering a discount on the items left in the cart.

Cart Items

You should enlist all the items left in the cart in your email. This will help the customer remember what products they thought about buying. The product photographs in the email will remind them why they added the product in the first place. Also, if the customer isn’t looking to buy everything, they might at least buy one or a few of the items. 


A CTA, or call-to-action button, is the key element of an abandoned cart email. The content before the button should be persuasive enough to encourage clicks. The design and text of the button should also be attention-grabbing and clear. Testing different CTA phrases, such as “Complete my purchase,” “Finish checkout,” or “Get it now,” can significantly improve conversion rates.

Add call-to-action button in your cart abandonment emails

Credit: Go Daddy

Contact Info

When a customer is close to completing an order but has concerns about delivery timing, coupon validity, or other questions, it’s important to have a clear and easily accessible means of addressing those concerns. 

Include a phone number, email address, or contact form in your abandoned cart email so that customers can quickly reach out with any questions or concerns. This will help to increase customer comfort and confidence in completing their purchase. For example, in the image below, the brand has subtly integrated the ‘contact us’ CTA at the bottom. 

Add customer care contact information in your email

Credit: Nykaa

Additionally, adding links to your business’s social media pages or a store address can provide customers with additional information and resources to make an informed decision.

Abandoned Cart Email Best Practices

Here are some of the best-abandoned cart email practices that can help you improve the retention rate-


The best time to send abandoned cart emails is shortly after the item has been abandoned. A good baseline is to send the first message one hour after abandonment. This allows you to take advantage of the customer’s initial shopping urge. It’s also important to keep the timeline condensed, without being overly pushy. A suggested schedule would be to send the second email 24 hours after the first email and the third one 24 hours after the second email.

Email Subject Line

A subject line is the first thing someone reads when you send an email. 

And that’s why it is important that it grabs enough attention and pushes the reader to open the email.

The length of the subject line does not have a significant impact on the open rate for most users. However, for those who read your emails on mobile devices, shorter subject lines may perform better. The best approach is to experiment and determine what works best for your specific audience.


No matter what kind of email you’re sending, personalization is crucial. It reflects that your brand is human and knows the customers. 

Personalizing abandoned cart emails by including the specific items left in the customer’s cart and addressing them by name can increase the chances of the customer returning to complete the purchase. This is because the customer has already shown interest in the items by adding them to their cart, and seeing them listed in the email may remind them to complete the purchase.

Social Proof

Using customer reviews and testimonials in your abandoned cart emails can help to enhance your branding and create a sense of FOMO among customers who have left items in their cart. For example, including positive reviews of specific products in the abandoned cart email can entice customers to complete their purchases.

Call to action (CTA)

In order to encourage customers to take action, it is important to include bold and attention-grabbing calls to action (CTAs) in abandoned cart emails. The desired action in this case is for the customer to complete their purchase. To make it easy for them to do so, place a clear and conspicuous CTA near the product image, using button text such as “Go back” or “Buy it now.”


In order to effectively persuade customers to complete their purchase, the copy in abandoned cart emails should be engaging, concise, and persuasive. Good copywriting should be interesting enough to encourage customers to return and complete their purchase, while also reflecting the brand’s voice and tone. 

17 Best Abandoned Cart Emails to Take Inspiration From

1. Nykaa

Abandoned cart email example from Nykaa

Credit: Nykaa

People don’t have time to go through a big copy with lots of details. Instead, they need short, attention-grabbing, and on-point emails. This email from Nykaa is one of such amazing emails where it has put out everything without making it look bulky and lengthy. 

What works:

  • Using a bold image as the heading of the email to grab the attention.
  • Enlisting all the items left in the cart. So that the customer remembered what they missed buying at the last stage.
  • Adding coupons and social media links to engage the customer in case they don’t want to buy the enlisted items. 

2. Flipkart

Abandoned cart email example from Flipkart

Credit: Flipkart

Flipkart uses graphics to reflect the target audience for their emails. For example, the above email reflects that this email is for people who love food blogging and are interested in buying food blogging-related products. The email also shows that Flipkart focuses on safety very much. This, in turn, makes people trust the brand when it comes to safety in a time when a pandemic has just passed. 

What works:

  • Visually attractive copy.
  • Categories to make it look clean.
  • Less but creative use of text. 

3. Timberland

 Credit: Timberland

Online shoppers may not always know exactly what they want, but they may be open to suggestions. Including product recommendations in abandoned cart emails can guide customers toward items they may be interested in, but may not have noticed before. 

An example of this is Timberland, which cleverly suggests alternative related products in their abandoned cart emails while keeping the focus on the original item. The layout of the email also plays a role, by highlighting a few similar alternatives, keeping the attention on the originally viewed product.

What works:

  • Adding product suggestions.
  • Focusing on the original item.
  • More images than text to make it look more appealing to the eyes and easy to scan.

4. Barkshop

Abandoned cart email example from Barkshop

Credit: Barkshop

Effectively targeting emotions and the appropriate audience is crucial for abandoned cart emails. Barkshop, for example, effectively targets dog owners, who are the intended audience for their products, in their abandoned cart email. 

By tapping into the emotions of dog owners and emphasizing their pet’s happiness, the email is more likely to be successful. This is a great example to follow when crafting your own abandoned cart emails.

What works:

  • Creative images to trigger emotions.
  • Asking for feedback shows that your brand cares about the customers.
  • Creating unsubscription messages to reduce the chances of unsubscription.

5. Whiskey Loot

Email example from Whiskey loot

 Credit: Whiskey loot

Customers may have concerns or objections when considering a purchase. It’s important to anticipate and address these objections in abandoned cart emails. You can use customer research and conduct usability testing to understand the customer’s concerns and address them in the email. Take an example of abandoned cart email from Whiskey Loot, which goes to great lengths to anticipate and address potential objections a customer may have. By doing this, it increases the chances of recovering lost sales.

What works:

  • Lengthy but great email copy.
  • Addressing the objections is a unique idea that makes the email stand out.
  • Supportive design

6. Dyson

Abandoned cart email example from Dyson

Credit: Dyson 

This abandoned cart email by Dyson effectively incorporates all the necessary elements and has a polished, clear design that makes it easy to read.

What works:

  • Short, engaging and fun to read. 
  • The intelligent use of showcasing their USP’s helps build trust.
  • Creates a sense of urgency to push the customers to make a decision.
  • Clear CTA button.

7. Quip

Abandoned cart email example from Quip

Credit: Quip

Humans are inclined to return favors when given one, and that’s why the principle of reciprocation is commonly used in persuasion. An example of this is Quip’s abandoned cart email, which highlights the importance of oral health and offers a free refill as an incentive for customers to return to their cart.

What works:

  • An image that reflects the brand and highlights a message that the reader can relate to.
  • Discount coupon to encourage the reader to buy.
  • Clear CTA.
  • User reviews to improve trust.

8. Google


Credit: Google

This abandoned cart email is a great example of an effective email as it has all the necessary elements: compelling copywriting, clear call-to-action (CTA), personalization by displaying the customer’s cart, and creating a sense of urgency. The language used such as “Going, going, (almost) gone” and “Our popular items sell out fast” engages the customer and creates a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out). Additionally, the email ends with a CTA to answer questions and subscribe to product updates, further emphasizing the idea that the customer should not miss out on anything.

What works:

  • Creating a sense of FOMO.
  • Adding a touch of personalization by showing what’s left in the cart.
  • Feedback option to show that the brand cares.
  • Flexibility for readers to connect on chat or call.

9. Thrive Market

Abandoned cart email example from Thrive

Credit: Thrive Market

This abandoned cart email from Thrive Market stands out among other examples by highlighting the cost savings customers can achieve by purchasing from them compared to other retailers. The email also features a clear and prominent green CTA button, which stands out against the otherwise neutral color scheme. 

The email is straightforward and not overwhelming, focusing on the key information. Additionally, it lists the products in the cart and how much the customer can save on each item. To further encourage the customer to complete the purchase, a coupon code is offered at the end of the email, with an accompanying copy that emphasizes the value of the offer.

What works:

  • Prominent CTA button.
  • Easy to scan and check the items at once.
  • Coupon code to push the reader to buy the products.
  • Adding the cost-saving point to show how much they’re saving.

10. Brooklinen

Abandoned cart email example from Brooklinen

Credit: Brooklinen

Online reviews are a powerful influence on purchasing decisions, with ~90% of people reading them. Social proof, as outlined in the book Influence by Robert Cialdini, is one of the six principles of persuasion and plays a major role in online shopping.

What works:

  • Customer reviews improve trust in the brand.
  • Discount coupon to improve the chances of buying.

11. Hungryroot

Abandoned cart email example from Hungryroot

Credit: Hungryroot

Some services or products may not be immediately clear or easy to understand, leading to visitors leaving a website without making a purchase. To address this, an abandoned cart email can be used to provide a brief explanation of the product or service, and how it works. 

An example of this is Hungryroot, which uses a series of images to create a simple, yet effective step-by-step narrative that effectively demonstrates how their product works.

What works:

  • Images grab the attention and support the copy.
  • Coupon to push the reader to make a purchase.
  • Clear CTA button.

12. Bloomingdale

Abandoned cart email example from Bloomingdale

Credit: Bloomingdale

Bloomingdale is well known for their iconic big brown bags, and this abandoned cart email effectively leverages this brand recognition by prominently featuring the bags and using the phrase “My Brown Bag.” This creates a strong brand recall for the customer and speaks to them on a personal level. This email is a great example of how to effectively use branding in abandoned cart emails.

What works:

  • Language that creates a sense of urgency and the added incentive of free shipping encourages the customers to buy immediately. 
  • The use of “brown bag” instead of “showing bag” is a smart way of standing out and creating a unique brand value.

13. Target

Abandoned cart email example from Target

Credit: Target

In their abandoned cart email, Target adopts a different strategy by providing a discount on the items in the customer’s cart. The use of phrases such as “New price alert” and “Time to check out” creates a sense of urgency and makes it hard for the customer to resist the offer.

What works:

  • Enlisting all the items in the cart with original and discount prices.
  • Adding more options for the reader.
  • Contact us and a clear unsubscribing option.

14. Recess

Abandoned cart email example from Recess

Credit: Recess

Including a discount code in an abandoned cart email is a valuable tool for many brands. These coupons can be highly effective in helping customers overcome the hurdle of making their first purchase. 

While indiscriminately offering discounts may not always be the best strategy, abandoned cart coupons are particularly useful because they are the last opportunity to win back a potential customer and the customer has already demonstrated interest by adding items to their cart.

What works:

  • Amazing graphics to grab the attention.
  • Very title text makes it easy to scan.
  • Discount coupon
  • Captivating and unique CTA.

15. Casper

Abandoned cart email example from Casper

 Credit: Casper

Using humor can be an effective way to increase engagement and encourage customers to take action. In this example, Casper’s abandoned cart email opens with a comedic phrase “Come Back to Bed” that captures the customer’s attention. The casual and humorous tone of the copywriting makes the email feel more personal and less formal, making it more relatable to the customer.

What works:

  • Using humor to make the copy unique and attractive.
  • User review to improve trust.
  • Very little text to make the copy concise and clear.

16. SimpleModern

Abandoned cart email example from SimpleModern

Credit: SimpleModern

Simple Modern’s abandoned cart email design is minimalist and contemporary. The subject line “Your cart is about to expire” creates a sense of urgency from the start. Additionally, they include an offer or promotion (Free shipping on orders over $25) at the top of the email which encourages customers to reassess their cart and potentially add more items in order to qualify for the free shipping.

What works:

  • The placement of the product image is unique, the product is a hero here.
  • Clear call-to-action.
  • Minimalist and simple design.

17. Dote

Abandoned cart email example from Dote

Credit: Dote

Funny and engaging text is an effective way to connect with customers. Dote excels at this by using humorous copywriting in their abandoned cart email. For example, they use phrases such as “Your shopping bag has abandonment issues” and “Save these items hours of therapy and give them a loving home” which adds an entertaining touch and makes the brand more appealing to customers. 

This email is a great example of how to use abandoned cart emails to showcase a brand’s personality and create brand enthusiasts. Additionally, it’s short and to the point, making it easy for the customer to continue shopping.

What works:

  • Engaging text with a pinch of humor.
  • Simple design with minimal text.

5 Abandoned Cart Email Templates that you can Use Right Away

Email #1 A friendly nudge

Subject Line: OOPS! Did something go wrong? 🙂

Headline: Your cart’s loneliness is hurting us! Take it home with you.

Hi [First Name]

Looks like you were checking out stuff but couldn’t take the final step.

Don’t worry! We have saved your cart.


[CTA: Take me to cart]

Not satisfied with your cart? Check out our other best sellers.




Don’t hesitate to hit us up at [Enter contact details] for any queries.

We won’t rest until you find what you’re looking for. 😊


[Enter Sender’s Name]

Email #2 The traditional reminder 

Subject: Don’t forget about the items in your cart.

Hi [Customer Name],

We noticed that you left some items in your cart. We wanted to remind you that these items are still waiting for you:

[List of Items]

We know how easy it is to get sidetracked, so we’ve included a special offer just for you. Use the code “GET10” at checkout to receive 10% off your purchase.

Don’t miss out on these great deals. Complete your purchase today and enjoy your new items soon!


[Your Name]

P.S. If you have any questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer service team. We’re always happy to help.

Email #3 The trendy copy 

Subject Line: It’s me! Hi! I am the cart you left behind.

Headline: Meet us at midnight, or anytime. 

Hi [first name],

Hope you are all too well. The amazing items you picked out are eager to meet you in 3-5 business days (with free shipping, of course).

[Item with image and its price]

Let’s not waste another second. 

Grab them while you can. We’re also throwing in a discount code just for you. Use code TAYLORSWIFT at checkout.

[Link to cart]

Looks like you are already on the website. 


Your cart! 

Email #4 Customer service at its best

Subject: Your [Brand] Cart is Waiting for You

Hi [Name],

I hope this email finds you well. I noticed that you had added some [Brand] items to your cart on our website, but haven’t quite finished your purchase yet.

I wanted to make sure that all your questions have been answered and that you’re not experiencing any issues with the checkout process. I am dedicated to helping you in any way I can. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reply to this email.

Otherwise, you can complete your purchase by clicking here:


I look forward to hearing from you soon, and thank you for choosing [Brand].



Email #5 Subtle but clear ultimatum

Subject: Your Wishlist Items are Still in Your Cart


We hope this email finds you well. We noticed that you left some items from your wishlist in your cart on our website.

Now is your chance to complete the order before it’s too late. The demand for these items is high and we can’t hold them for you any longer. Don’t miss this opportunity to purchase your favorite items.

[countdown timer]

Here’s a reminder of the items you added to your cart:

[Cart Details]

Don’t let this chance slip away, click here to restore your cart and complete your purchase now:


If you have any questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer service team. We’re always happy to help.


[Your Name/Company Name]


There are various strategies for crafting an effective abandoned cart email, and A/B testing different variations can help you determine what resonates most with your audience. Some customers may respond better to personalized emails, while others may be more inclined to take action in response to a discount or humorous tone. It’s crucial to experiment with different approaches to find out what works best.

When executed well, abandoned cart emails can be an excellent opportunity to build brand loyalty and delight customers at every touchpoint. By incorporating strong branding and persuasive copywriting, you can establish trust and foster a positive relationship with your customers.

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