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The fashion industry has long been a haven of innovation - from the invention of the sewing machine to the emergence of e-commerce. Fashion & Apparel brands of all sizes and specialties are using AI technologies to grasp consumers better, as it is growing at a faster pace than ever before. Growth in this segment is expected to come mainly from fashion wear in women's clothing and kidswear. Continuous expansion of products, lifestyles, omnichannel business models, volatile and erratic trends are just some of the problems faced by the fashion and apparel industry. It is always a hard time to make sure that goods are produced quickly and at a fair price to the consumers, as well as managing numerous vendors, businesses, and customers; however, investing in the right technology will contribute to much-needed business performance.

Mckinsey's 'State of Fashion 2020' study indicates that, following a successful year of economic profit growth, the fashion industry's sales growth outlook for 2020 is 3-4%. Rentals, sportswear are anticipated to sustain the highest growth rate at 6-7%. The success of sportswear giant brands such as Nike, Adidas, and Lululemon will be helped by the growth of a number of smaller niche players and the rise of outdoor and active brands.

Fashion industry sales growth
The market is classified into below major categories -
  • Apparel
  • Footwears
  • Accessories
  • Jewellery and watches
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Become the best online shopping website

Today’s consumer wants knowledgeable staff on hand for service & support, and according to Microsoft’s retail trend playbook 2020, 79% feel it’s crucial. With more extensive catalogs, multiple distribution channels, and strong customer demands, ANS Commerce offers the specialized website experience and personalization needs on the go. The retail trends playbook also extends the fact that 80% of customers say the experience a company provides is as relevant as its products and services.

Your clothing brand should be supported on mobile platforms and must have custom coding and design support, thus offering optimized user site flow to improve the experience. By helping you manage every aspect of your clothing brand, from fashion and apparel design to distribution, our platform Kartify will give you enhanced end-to-end visibility and power as our solution aims to address the specific needs of the industry.

Manage customers to build a reputation

The youth of India is highly trendy and brand-conscious. Over the last decades, many of India's leading clothing and accessories manufacturers have become significant suppliers of ready-made garments for the global market. Also, footwear is increasingly becoming a required style of speech for all population categories. Growth in the apparel sector is driven by increased technological efficiency among consumers. According to PWC's view of the digital age in retail in 2019, 86% of Young Millennials shop online at least once a month, and 26% of Generation Z shop less at other retailers because of online shopping experience.

Retail companies in India that have been successful have recognized that how consumers buy, what color they buy, what designs work, what touchpoints and configuration work can be very different from what works for consumers living in Tier 1 or semi-urban areas. ANS Commerce helps you offer tailored deals to the group of your clients by creating an efficient incentive program based on customer preferences, location, and past behavior. It ensures consumer satisfaction and improves brand awareness by responding to their requests for positive ratings and reviews.

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Marketing & Promotion

Digital innovation, growing globalization, and increasing customer purchasing habits have propelled the fashion industry into the midst of disruptive changes. Social media highly influences shopping behavior. PwC's Global Consumer Insights Survey in 2019 reveals that 52% agree that social media have affected their purchasing decisions in selected categories, and 39% have been affected by the purchasing of a product or service after positive social media feedback. To figure out where you are and where you're going, ANS Commerce helps to get real-time insights into the clients and industry with smart customer analytics.

Maximize your exposure and market goods by engaging the on-site audience: influence impulse decisions and re-target consumers based on their desires and behavior. Engage with and help consumers buy your products on the marketplace. Get market insights like traffic and conversions to maximize growth with robust retail analytics. The women's consumer base is growing strong enough to become a cohort and has sub-cohort within the segment itself.

Mckinsey's ‘The state of Fashion 2020’ report found that while an impressive 86% of businesses use influencer marketing, the engagement rate for such supported Instagram posts fell from 4 percent in Q1 2016 to 2.4 percent in Q1 2019. Facebook and Twitter figures are even higher, at 0.37 percent and 0.05 percent, respectively. The harsh truth is that it is increasingly difficult to excite and encourage people who are overwhelmed and overstimulated.

Inventory management

Inventory management system and operational efficiency

Logistics is a major driver of the E-commerce retail industry and is an important point of differentiation between market players aiming at better customer satisfaction and service. According to IBEF publication on e-commerce retail logistics in India, around 1.9 million shipments are currently being handled every day with metro cities contributing around 50% of this demand. ANS Commerce can handle on-boarding, product listing, pricing, inventory management, top-line and bottom-line promotions fluently. What's more, you can also improve customer engagement through your website, app, e-commerce marketplaces, without any operational problems associated with inventory and returns management.

Management across Marketplaces

E-commerce websites in India are looking for omnichannel integration to improve customer support and operational efficiency. Brands will be able to differentiate their products in various segments. Like clothes and accessories, there are multiple sub-categories among them, such as shoes & slippers, sportswear & separates, men's shirts & jeans, or women's dresses & tops. Brands must recognize the importance of the great Indian middle class, which is fueling the rising luxury market in India. Consumers do not necessarily turn to luxury lifestyles, but instead, upgrade from economy to premium products and incorporate luxury pieces to their catalog. ANS Commerce has a deep understanding of the strengths and opportunities of various marketplaces combined with brand store research. It partners with more than 15 marketplaces to ensure that fashion retailers have early exposure to new product innovations on all platforms. It not only lets you create exclusive brand stores on Amazon with better content, but also manage AWS marketplace & Flipkart Ads to boost sales, work with the product team to execute custom marketing campaigns, and track performance & share marketplace insights.

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Today's consumer is comfortable sharing data in exchange for a better experience. According to the 2018 Accenture Survey on Delivery to the New Customer, 63% of customers surveyed are interested in personalized recommendations, and most of them are prepared to share their data in return for rewards such as automatic credits and loyalty point vouchers, exclusive deals and exclusive offers for products of interest. ANS Commerce embraces creative workflows with several checkpoints, a versatile approach for effortlessly molding to suit the unique needs of your particular brand. It manages the end-to-end 'pick-pack-dispatch' process & event, B2B marketplace delivery, vital KPIs, partnership with a range of logistic companies. It manages all logistics components by tapping order journey checkpoints, including effective return & refurbishment.

A reliable partner

Irrespective of their size or range, the best fashion brands share a few points in common. They are excellent at visually engaging with their consumers. They use product details to add character to their goods and share an enticing tale on their about page. They seldomly sell on their homepage and frequently launch new items to provide a distinct look. It is commonly known that fashion trends are evolving every year. That stays stagnant is the need to remain relevant in the eyes of discerning target audiences. Retail fashion is alive and well, and the lines between brick and mortar retailers and online shopping sites are already blurred. Thanks to the omnichannel phenomenon, it has been imperative for retailers and industry experts to concentrate on digital marketing strategies.

Retailers still have a keen interest in understanding the different ways of technology that are revolutionizing the fashion and apparel market. ANS Commerce ensures performance marketing for the brands through google ads, Facebook and Snapchat ads, and TikTok and Snapchat ads, ensuring that your product reaches the targeted digital footprint. Whenever you visit a website or view an ad, you do not automatically buy the product. But somehow the ad stays with you, particularly if you liked the product or found the campaign interesting. Here comes the ANS Commerce benefit because it affects impulse transactions and re-target users based on their preferences and actions via email, SMS, etc. Their vast information reservoirs across industries and brands help to help marketers meet and re-target customers effectively.

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