How To Create Urgency In Sales To Boost Revenue (Without Being Pushy)

How to create urgency in sales to boost revenue

Are you tired of watching potential customers walk away without making a purchase? Do your sales numbers need to catch up to your expectations? It’s time to turn the tables and create a sense of urgency that will propel your sales through the roof!

In the fast-paced world of sales, creating a sense of urgency is a powerful strategy that can significantly boost revenue. The ability to tap into the innate human desire for immediate action can drive customers to make purchasing decisions more swiftly and decisively. Strategies that create urgency can make all the difference when selling products or services. 

In this blog, we explore urgency in sales and outline procedures and strategies that you can use to boost your E-commerce sales. Continue reading to discover.

What Is Urgency In Sales?

Urgency in sales is a technique employed by businesses to create a sense of immediate action among their audience and prospective customers. By leveraging urgency, sales and marketing teams motivate customers to make a buying decision in the present rather than postponing it for later.

For instance, imagine a furniture store promoting a limited-time sale on a popular sofa model. They highlight the sofa’s attractiveness by promoting its quality, comfort, and elegant design. However, they also mention that the sale is only valid for the next three days or until stocks last. 

It encourages buyers to act immediately by combining the appeal of desirability with the introduction of limitations or time constraints. This strategy takes advantage of customers’ FOMO and forces them to make a purchase decision to not lose out on a great deal.

Benefits Of Creating Urgency In Sales 

Creating a sense of urgency in sales offers numerous benefits to your business:

Increases Conversion Rates

Creating a sense of urgency in sales is like adding fuel to the fire. It ignites a spark within potential customers, compelling them to take action and make a purchase decision. The fear of missing out or the excitement of limited-time offers can significantly increase conversion rates. Urgency eliminates hesitation, pushing your potential customers toward the desired outcome.

Helps To Boost Sales Volume

You’ll see a significant increase in sales volume once urgency is integrated into your sales and marketing strategy. Customers who might have been on the fence suddenly find themselves compelled to buy now rather than later. By creating scarcity or time-limited deals, you create an environment where customers feel they need to act fast before opportunities vanish into thin air.

Reduces Procrastination

For both businesses and customers, procrastination slows growth. Employing urgency strategies reduces this tendency by encouraging people to make decisions right away rather than continually delaying them for a day that might never arrive.

Competitive Advantage

Implementing urgency sets you apart from your competitors. You can stand out in a competitive E-commerce market by giving your customers another reason to choose your products or services. Customers may prioritize your offerings over others if they feel pressured to act quickly with promotions or limited-time offers.

Enhance Customer Engagement

Sales urgency increases customer involvement and engagement. Customers are more likely to actively look into your promotions, discounts, or deals if they see time-sensitive offers or limited availability. A higher level of interaction with your brand and products may arise from this increased engagement creating brand awareness.

Fosters Brand Loyalty

Lastly, effective use of urgency can foster brand loyalty. Customers feel appreciated and unique when they receive exclusive offers or time-limited promotions. This positive experience can lead to repeat purchases and long-term customer relationships.

10 Simple Ways To Create Urgency In Sales Without Being Pushy

In a market saturated with varied marketing messages and sales pitches, sales urgency has become an essential tool. By effectively communicating a sense of urgency, businesses can break through the noise, capture their prospects’ attention, and drive them toward making purchasing decisions promptly. 

Different techniques can be used to increase urgency in E-commerce sales. Although many of these practices seem to be the same, they all have different goals and potential outcomes.  

Here are 10 simple ways to create urgency in sales without being pushy. Let’s dive in. 

#1 Create Urgency With A Deadline 

When there is no time limit on your product or service, customers often face decision paralysis. With multiple options in hand, they tend to spend excessive time evaluating the pros and cons of the products. They may also explore competitor offers, review product specifications, read feedback, or, in some cases, just give up and move on.

Setting a deadline or time restriction with your E-commerce sales event is an effective way to overcome these issues. You can encourage customers to respond more quickly by creating a sense of urgency.

Create urgency in sales with a deadline

Credit: Flipkart Website

For instance, Flipkart often runs time-limited sales events like the “Big Billion Days” and “Diwali Sale,” where they offer steep discounts and attractive deals on a wide range of products. These sales are typically held for a short duration, such as a few days or even just 24 hours, creating a sense of urgency among consumers.

Likewise, platforms like Swiggy and Zomato offer time-limited discounts and exclusive deals during specific hours of the day. These offers are displayed on their apps and websites, encouraging customers to purchase within the given time frame. The limited-time nature of these deals motivates customers to quickly decide on their food choices and place orders.

#2 Use The Fear Of Missing Out To Create Urgency

Fear of missing out, or FOMO, is a powerful emotional trigger that can drive customers to move quickly and make more purchases. It is predicated on the idea that nobody wants to miss out on an opportunity or be left behind.

Countdown timers, deadlines, expiration dates, limited-time sales promotions, giveaways, and hosting user-generated contests are some techniques to create a sense of urgency and leverage FOMO in your marketing strategy. By incorporating these elements, you effectively communicate to your audience that time is limited and immediate action is required.

The urgency can be emphasized even further by employing specific words and phrases like “now,” “today,” “last chance,” “limited time,” “only,” or “don’t miss” to highlight how time-sensitive it is.

In the below example, Shoppers Stop has integrated the FOMO effect by putting “Limited Time Offer” in big bold letters next to a clock creating urgency among customers to buy the products. 

Use FOMO to create urgency

Credit: Shoppers Stop website

In addition, you can utilize visual clues, such as a creative or label that shows the product is a “hot” item or selling quickly, to further increase the FOMO effect. 

For instance, First Cry is using the FOMO concept by introducing “The FOMO Sale” with a clear start and end time. By limiting the sale period, they create a sense of urgency among parents, encouraging them to make their purchases quickly to take advantage of the significant discounts.

How to use FOMO in Ecommerce

Credit: Firstcry Website 

#3 Create A Sense Of “Scarcity” and “Exclusivity” To Your Offer

Indeed, “scarcity” and “exclusivity” help create sales urgency.

You can evoke a sense of scarcity and encourage customers to act swiftly to buy the product by displaying the number of products remaining in stock.

For instance, Myntra has displayed alerts like “Only Few Left ” on Kurta Sets. This emphasizes that there is a limited supply of the products. This communicates that the product is in high demand and encourages customers to purchase it before it runs out.

Scarcity tactic used on website by Myntra

Credit: Myntra Website

Likewise, position your product as an exclusive or limited edition. Let people know that it’s only accessible to subscribers or members for a certain period. This creates a perception of exclusivity and makes customers feel special for having access to something unique.

Exclusive discounts offered on website by Firstcry

Credit: First Cry Website 

In this example, First Cry is using the exclusivity of their Club Membership by offering “ Club Price” to create urgency in sales. They offer benefits like up to 10% additional discounts, exclusive offers, club cash benefits on products, free shipping, exclusive coupons, etc to their club members.  By leveraging the concept of exclusivity and tying it to a special discount offer, First Cry aims to drive more conversions and generate excitement among its customer base, encouraging them to make a purchase decision promptly before the opportunity slips away.

While creating a sense of scarcity and exclusivity can be effective in driving sales, it’s essential to maintain integrity and avoid misleading or false claims. Be transparent about the availability and exclusivity of your offer. Make sure that your customers feel respected and valued throughout their purchasing journey.

#4 Add A Countdown Timer On Your Website

A powerful tool that can increase conversions and sales for your business is adding a countdown timer to your website. Whether it’s completing a purchase, subscribing to a newsletter, or signing up for an event, your website visitors are more likely to take action if you create a sense of urgency.

Countdown timer example by Pepperfry website

Credit: Pepperfry Website

In the above example, Pepperfry has added a timer to their sale items indicating the duration of the limited-time offers. This technique reminds the customers to act quickly to take advantage of discounted prices or exclusive deals.

Countdown timers can help your business establish credibility and trust by adding a sense of urgency while also demonstrating your commitment to keeping your promises. They can additionally contribute to improving the perceived value of your offer, which will boost its value to customers. 

Here’s an example of boAT, a consumer electronics brand, displaying a countdown timer on their website to create a sense of urgency and excitement.  The brand has used one color across the page to signify the daily deals. This timer shows the exact time left until the deal ends. Thus, the timer can help the boAT brand achieve its sales objectives and engage customers effectively.

countdown timer shown on website

Credit: boAT Website 

#5 Show Remaining Stock Quantity To Create Urgency

A useful strategy for encouraging customers to make a purchase is by displaying the number of products in stock on the product page.

In the example below, creates urgency by highlighting the high demand and limited availability of rooms in Lonavla. The message “only 4 left at this price” emphasizes the risk of missing out on the best accommodations if not booked promptly. This strategy triggers the fear of losing a desired stay, compelling potential customers to make a quick decision to secure their preferred place. Due to the high demand and limited supply, there is a sense of urgency among visitors that prompts them to book a reservation to avoid disappointment.

Example of remaining items left on website

Credit: Website

Instead of using generic terms like “Stock: 1,” create a sense of urgency with phrases like “Hurry up, only 1 left”, “Hurry, limited stock,” or “Almost sold out!”. The use of such language motivates shoppers to act quickly and buy the desired item before it sells out.

Further, you can highlight the remaining stocks using bold text, different color schemes, or graphic elements to make the stock quantity stand out.

#6 Start Selling Limited-Series Products

Limited-series products are designed to be unique and rare. This exclusivity inherently creates a sense of value and desirability. Customers are more motivated to buy limited-series products because they feel they have a chance to grab something special.

Limited series products sold by Kamal Watch

Credit: Kamal Watches Website

For instance, Kamal Watch Co. Pvt Ltd is a leading retail chain of watch stores. It also sells limited edition watches of different brands. Limited edition products effectively create a sense of urgency by producing unique and limited products.

Further, limited products often attract collectors or enthusiasts who are specifically interested in owning unique or rare items. This creates excitement and enhances customer interest in the products. As buyers are aware that they might not have another opportunity to purchase the item in the future, their interest and mindset increase the sense of urgency. They may take prompt action out of concern about missing out on something that fits their collecting preferences.

#7 Create Urgency In Your Copy And Creatives

Copywriting plays a crucial role in creating urgency. Your ad or product copy is a powerful tool for influencing how customers perceive and connect with your products. Here are some ways to create an urgency-focused copy:

  • Use words and phrases that highlight the time-sensitive nature of the offer. Words like “limited time,” “for a limited period,” or “while supplies last” communicate that the opportunity to purchase the product is fleeting.
  • Use emotional language and expressions that stir up desire or aspiration in your audience. The words “exclusive,” “premium,” or “must-have” can highlight how desirable the product is.
  • Include social proof, such as customer feedback or testimonials in your product descriptions. This helps build the trust of your customers.

For instance, Nykaa has integrated urgency through its ad copy and creative by including discounts and end dates for sales.

The ad begins with an attention-grabbing phrase like “All I can think about is HOT deals”. This creates a sense of excitement and encourages users to read further.

The ad mentions “up to 50% OFF” on some amazing brands, enticing customers with significant savings. Further, it also includes a clear call-to-action button (“Shop Now”) to prompt users to click and browse the sale offerings immediately.

In the video, they have also added the Hot Pink Sale logo, making it visually engaging and relevant to the sale.

Copywriting example to create urgency

Credit: Nykaa’s Instagram Page 

#8 Reward Your First X Customers

Reward your customers and encourage more people to purchase. For example, you can offer them a special discount code, or the first 100 customers will receive a free gift with their order.

This not only gives your customers a sense of urgency, but it also gives the first 100 customers a sense of exclusivity. The rewards should be something your customers will value and can’t get anywhere else, like an exclusive product launch or a limited-edition item created only for them. By doing this, you give your first-time customers a special experience that motivates them to share your products with others and spread the word about them.

Reward your first customers to create urgency in sales

Credit: Huawei Website

Here’s how Huawei integrated the reward program by providing gifts for the first 100 purchases to their buyers. This approach helped the brand to create buzz, generate excitement, and encourage word-of-mouth marketing, especially for new product launches or services.

Thus, this method encourages customers to buy or use the new products or services right from the start, boosting initial sales and adoption rates.

#9 Show Others Interested In The Product

By showing customers what others are buying from your store, you create a sense of popularity, desirability, and urgency. You can implement a system that sends pop-ups or real-time notifications whenever a purchase is made on your website or mobile application. 

These notifications can be in the form of small overlays or sidebars that indicate a recent sale, including the product purchased, the customer’s location, and a timestamp. You can further pin the best-selling products for higher visibility.

Show tags on how many people are interested in the product

Credit: boAT Website

boAT, a leading electronics brand builds trust with potential buyers by including the Users’ Love section on their product page that highlights the unit sold on Flipkart and 5 star reviews by customers. This transparent approach reinforces boAT’s reputation as a reliable brand, ultimately increasing buyer confidence and driving sales.

How to show frequently bought together on website

Source: Flipkart Website

Flipkart’s integration of “Others Interested Products” on their product pages shows a clever approach to create a sense of urgency and encourage buyers to consider combo offers or complementary products. Flipkart encourages customers to add additional items to their shopping carts by advertising combo offers, which increases the order value and the platform’s overall revenue.

However, too many notifications can distract and irritate your customers. So, make sure to implement them strategically, ensuring they do not disturb the overall user experience.

#10 Sent Out Last-Chance Emails To Create Urgency

Send last-chance emails and remind customers of the deadline to take advantage of the offer. Include a countdown in your emails to create an additional sense of urgency.

For instance, Good Pair Days have integrated the last chance email by highlighting the discounts along with a Click-To-Action that labels as “Get yours today”. The brand has a well-designed and responsive email that enhances the user experience and increases the chances of conversion.

Use emails to create urgency in sales

Credit: PairDays

Make sure you include a strong call-to-action that makes it easy for people to act quickly and make their decisions before time runs out. Phrases like “Shop Now,” “Grab Your Deal,” or “Don’t Miss Out” encourage customers to click through.

Additionally, use eye-catching visuals and design elements in your email to capture attention. Highlight the discounts, deals, giveaways, timeframe, etc. so that your audience doesn’t miss out on the important details.

You can also create a specific landing page to showcase your limited edition products or fast-selling products. For instance, Marks and Spencer highlight the “Last Chance To Buy” message on their landing page creating a sense of urgency, prompting visitors to make a decision quickly. This leads to increased conversions and engagement, as visitors are motivated to take advantage of the time-limited offer before it expires.

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Display last chance to buy to create urgency in sales

Credit: M&S website

Tips For Using Urgency In Sales

When using urgency in sales, here are some tips to keep in mind:

Communicate The Details

When communicating the details of your sales deal to customers, it’s essential to provide clear and comprehensive information. When communicating the details of your sales deal to customers, it’s essential to provide clear and comprehensive information. Include any other details that could help customers understand the sales offer. This could include details about the product, testimonials, case studies, or reviews that highlight the benefits and value of the product or service.


Ensure that the urgency you create is genuine and based on real factors, such as limited stock, limited-time offers, or upcoming deadlines. Creating a false sense of scarcity or using false advertising could negatively impact your reputation with customers.

Use A Clear Call-To-Action (CTA) 

Make it simple for your customers to take action by using language that is action-oriented. Also, add links or buttons that can be clicked to land at the intended conversion.

Eliminate Distractions

Keeping the sale and the products at the forefront might be useful when creating urgency. This maintains sales efficiency and makes decisions quicker. Unimportant links or irrelevant information can distract your customers, affecting their purchasing decisions.

Boost Your E-commerce Sales By Creating Urgency

In conclusion, businesses can enhance conversion rates and motivate customers to act quickly by fostering a sense of urgency. One effective approach is to leverage time-limited promotions or exclusive offers.

However, it is important to employ urgency wisely. Constantly pressing potential customers can cause them to become disinterested. Instead, the emphasis should be on offering exceptional deals that genuinely cause FOMO.

Lastly, effective communication is essential to conveying urgency. To get your audience’s attention, use convincing language, clear calls to action, and eye-catching creatives.

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