How to Skyrocket Your Online Sales this Festive Season?

The festive season is all set to arrive with a plethora of opportunities for online stores. Online stores have already decorated their websites with Diwali aesthetics, appealing advertisements, and lucrative discounts. Customers are eagerly waiting for more exciting offers and deals to buy their favorite products while the brands are all geared up to grab this opportunity and grow their online sales as much as possible.

To help you make the most out of this festive season, we have curated 8 e-commerce festive tips. 

Tips to Boost Online Sales

Provide a Smooth Mobile E-commerce Experience

Smartphones and tablets are used extensively by customers to shop during the festive season. A study conducted by an e-consultancy reveals that 62% of brands with mobile-first website design experience an increase in sales as compared to brands with desktop-only website designs. To increase sales through mobile e-commerce ensure your website is visible and accessible through any mobile device. Work on a high-speed and seamless mobile e-commerce experience for your customers.

Prepare Your Own Festive Theme

Just like you decorate your home during the different festivals, the festive season brings an opportunity for you to revamp your online store. An appealing web page appearance during this time of the year can leverage your brand impression and online sales to a great extent. 

While figuring out ideas to design your online store, picking up a theme can do amazeballs. You can create a powerful festive vibe and make your customers feel that this time for shopping is special. Select suitable layouts, customize your logo, design attractive banners, add visuals and videos to make your online store appear more appealing and engaging.  

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Promote Your Offers and Deals on Social Media

Social media is the most successful connectivity tool between you and your customers. Engage with your target audience in creative ways on social media platforms at this time of the year to drive conversions. Make attractive posts, promote your products and your festive offers, play quizzes, post daily stories, and much more. Use insights from your industry and competitor analysis to gain more perspectives to create content. Social media shares will also influence the search engine ranking of your content.

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Focus on Customer Service 

Customer service is very significant when it comes to online shopping. The festive season is a great time to increase conversions as well as make loyal long-term customers. Since a lot of products are being purchased, handling the customer service becomes even more important. It is also the time of the year when your customers are going to spread the word about your brand to their friends and family as everyone will be talking about the festive season sale. Efficient and timely delivery of products makes your customer feel happy and valued. 

Adopt the Gift Card Approach 

Curate exciting and attractive gift cards for your customers with creative offers. It is an excellent way to hold potential customers. Your customers can share these cards with their friends and family members too. Since gift cards are usually an impulse purchase, make sure they are highly visible. 

Display Top-selling Products on Your Landing Page

Your top-selling products have the best potential of being sold during the festive season as they are the ones that are most frequently bought by your customers throughout the year. Display these products effectively on your landing page to give a reminder to your existing customers. Adding spotlight to the best products also leads to the formation of a good impression on your new customers. You can generate content around these products and make their access easy for visitors to increase customer engagement. 

Create Engaging Offers for New Customers

You can engage and retain new customers for a long period of time by specifically crafting valuable rewards and offers for them. You can provide them with free shipping, discounts, cashback, and many more offers on their first purchase. Referral bonuses or early access to an upcoming sale are some of the other lucrative benefits you can provide them.  

Offer Free Shipping and Smooth Returns 

Shipping cost is one of the reasons for card abandonment by the majority of customers. During the festive season when your customers are looking to save every penny on their purchase, providing free shipping is an excellent marketing strategy.

Apart from shipping, providing a hassle-free return process to your customers provides them with a smooth experience. Especially during the festive season, you need to be prepared for a lot of return orders. Therefore formulating a smooth return management process is going to be beneficial for you as well as your customer. 

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How Can We Help You This Festive Season? 

The festive season brings with it plenty of opportunities and challenges. From brandstore to order fulfillment, brands have a multitude of tasks to handle. 

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