Responsible Disclosure Policy

ANS Commerce Responsible Disclosure Policy

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How to report an issue?

At present, our Bug Bounty Program is private and works as an invitation-only basis. If you are not invited to our program but think you have discovered a valid in-scope vulnerability, Please report it to us at [email protected].

Once we receive your submission, the team will investigate your report and work with you to understand and remediate the vulnerability. Meantime, please don’t discuss or disclose the vulnerability details until we close the report.

Thank you for keeping ANS and our customers safe.

Out-of-Scope vulnerabilities

  • Must demonstrate security impact for the report to be considered - general software bugs(like SSL, older versions etc.) are not in scope for this program.

  • Username Enumeration via signup and account recovery forms.

  • Vulnerabilities regarding SPF/DMARC/DKIM records without verifiable proof of spoofing to a major mail client.

  • Best practice concerns like cookie is not marked secure and http only, missing HSTS, SSL/TLS configuration, missing security headers, etc.

  • Vulnerabilities reported by automated tools and scanners without additional proof of concept

  • Vulnerabilities that only affect outdated app versions or browsers - we consider vulnerabilities only in the versions of our applications that are currently in the app store and exploits only in the latest browser versions.

  • Denial of Service(DoS) and Distributed Denial of Service(DDoS) attacks.

  • Exploits that need MITM or physical access to the victim’s device.

  • Clickjacking on pages with no sensitive actions.

  • Unauthenticated/logout/login CSRF.

  • Previously known vulnerable libraries without a working Proof of Concept.

  • Content spoofing and text injection issues without showing an attack vector/without being able to modify HTML/CSS.

  • Most of the open redirect vulnerabilities have low security impact. In case, the impact is high, do let us know.

  • Stack traces, directory listings or path disclosures.

  • Self XSS.

  • Social engineering attacks, both against users or ANS Commerce employees.

  • Issues related to delivery charges exception on return.

Out-of-Scope vulnerabilities for android/ios

  • Exploits reproducible only on rooted/jailbroken devices.

  • Absence of certificate pinning.

  • Snapshot/Pasteboard/Clipboard data leakage.

  • Lack of obfuscation.

  • Exploits using runtime changes.

  • Application crashes.

  • Irrelevant activities/intents exported.

  • Android backup vulnerability.


For valid and impactful reports, we offer recognition in our "Hall of Fame" for your valuable contribution to our website's security. For public disclosure, we would need to review the report and ask you to hide certain details. We respect your preference for anonymity if desired.

Also, if we think that for a particular bug, a researcher went an extra mile we might provide a bounty as an exception.

Any personal or personally identifiable information shared by you under this Bug Bounty Program, will be processed in accordance with the Privacy Policy. Please read the Privacy policy to understand more on how we collect and process your information.

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